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Psychotherapy can have many benefits.  It can be a place to unload, talk, vent, and process life's challenges, big and small.   Many people come to therapy in order to better understand their own thoughts and feelings, how these impact their lives - especially when they are overwhelming.  Clients also develop skills which help them to deal more effectively with life's challenges.  Often, clients use their knowledge about past and present experiences to help understand their current emotions, thoughts and behaviors. 

There is no single path toward healing. 

I enjoy the unique challenges and opportunities that make up each individual's circumstances.  This also means that I will work collaboratively with you to develop goals and strategies which will best address your needs, and include your beliefs and values. 

The most important aspect of any psychotherapy is a good fit between client and therapist.

The majority of psychotherapy research indicates that the most influential factor in a positive outcome in psychotherapy is the quality of the relationship between therapist and client.  This makes not only practical sense (it is easier to talk to someone whom you trust!),  but intuitive sense as well: we are shaped by the relationships that we have throughout our lives.  Each relationship offers its own opportunities and challenges; therefore I encourage you to meet with me for two or three sessions to evaluate your level of comfort with me and my ability to be of help to you.  

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